Internet Business

- Internet businessman, the founder of two successful online stores and the author of the thematic blog shared own experience of creation of online stores with us.

Let's talk about Internet Business

For today I have two online stores. The first, the most profitable and in own way rather unique for the market is the site. It is the largest site in a network selling cosmetics. And also selling goods for animals who participate in exhibitions.

It is absolutely special branch. Narrow market. The people. It seems to me that the real Internet Business and has to be under construction by this principle. Very many buyers have the status of constants for a long time. At such scheme it is easy to work and it is already not necessary to be spent for advertizing or a public relations (though I and now successfully do it and I am not sorry on money).

In a narrow segment of the market to achieve the status of trust or loyalty of the buyer (we will call it so) quite simply … But, however, and it is easy to lose.

The competition corrected the business project of the childhood. The bookstore was given already more difficult, than the previous project. Ozone, the Labyrinth and many others inspired superstitious fear. Articles and reports of statistics gave a terrible picture of a saturation of the book market. Opening of Internet Business the push what it is necessary to sell served, that costs much, on what can be made a good margin and that obviously will cheaper cost, than in shop. Read more

Quick Cash

- Cases when money in life is urgently necessary more, than it is enough. Considering what society isn't accustomed to invest in the future and financial independence, a question "How to receive quick cash?", it will be always actual.
In the modern world there are three main ways to receive fast cash.

If money "to a salary" is necessary for you and the necessary sum isn't so great, it is possible to apply to bank for the consumer loan. Today some banks offer such service as "Quick Cash". To receive money you need to submit the application, the passport and an identification code, the reference. If you work informally for the business owner, it will be necessary to specify his requisites which confirm his existence. Such small credits are issued for a period of 14 days, under certain percent for the credit sum. Advantage of this way to receive money on credit, it is possible to consider that the decision of credit department is passed within an hour.

Issue loans on the security of valuable property, real estate, vehicles that you will be helped by quick cash. The sum of the credit depends on the value of things which you want to give for pledge. Pawnshops don't collect information on credit history, a place of work and many other documents which are necessary to banks. Having addressed in a pawnshop, you can receive money as fast as possible... Read more

Money Market Account

- Mutual funds of the monetary market are offered the clients of a rate a little below on what they invest means in securities, and also to open money market account. This difference covers operational expenses and profit of fund.

Mutual funds of the monetary market (MMMP) - hundred mutual funds uniting the capital of a large number of investors and using it for placement in highly profitable short-term securities.

Mutual funds of the monetary market are offered the clients of a rate a little below on what they invest means in securities. This difference covers operational expenses and profit of fund.

Money market account gives to the shareholders limited opportunities for use of checks and wire transfers, but in practice these funds are much less often used for making payments, than usual transactional deposits.

Mutual funds of the monetary market (MMMF) appeared relatively recently - in 1972. They suggest to get a share in a portfolio of short-term securities.

Mutual funds of the monetary market (Money Market Account) - the funds of investors raised by investment company and used for investments into tools of the monetary market. As a rule, the investor of fund can withdraw the means by an extract of the check for fund... Read more

Money for College

- How this issue was resolved by me? Comparative analysis. If for the child school – heavy freight, at it is furious dislike for certain subjects or teachers that often goes hand in hand with shortage of money for college if his progress began to worsen for the last a year and a half, don't doubt, it is better to change for it "the ground of knowledge acquisition". If the child comfortably feels at school, progress at the level accepted for you – don't pull it, let studies up.

Well, and if your child differs in brilliant progress, participates in any Olympic Games, teachers on him won't rejoice – then it is necessary to start saving money for college. In my case the child just furiously doesn't love algebra with geometry together, hates chemistry and is spat towards physics. Respectively, these subjects don't love it. But we have an excellent progress on the humanities, and we know English at the level of reading works of English-speaking writers in original language.

The child decided to study as the lawyer. The choice of colleges and technical schools in our country, especially in the capital, now truly impresses, and the tagzha shouldn't worry strongly about money for college, after all now there are many grants. In them it is easy to get confused. Further I will try to state all problems and questions which we faced in the course of receipt in college, and ways of their decision... Read more

Money Market

- is the compound sphere of a financial system only in the conditions of market economy when the prevailing part of financial resources is mobilized by subjects of business activity on the basis of their purchase and sale. In effect, it is infrastructure of a financial system which provides functioning first of all of the basic sphere — finance of subjects of managing. In the conditions of administrative economy of money market practically didn't exist as formation of resources and their redistribution were carried out on the directive beginnings through the budget and a banking system. Even credit resources were allocated according to the plan, but not on the basis of trade with them. Under conditions of the centralized formation, distributions and redistributions of financial resources administratively of need for the corresponding infrastructure - money market - wasn't simple.

The relations of an exchange are connected with transfer by one subject to another for the corresponding payment (percent, dividends, discount discounts, etc.) is right on temporary or continuous uses of financial resources. Read more

Online Business

- Long-term experience of business and work in various market spheres allowed us to build a simple chain consecutive the actions leading to increase in profit. Everything that you will hear – information to introduction in online business. You need only to follow our instructions.
Algorithms are made on the basis of long-term experience
The course is made on the basis of our personal 12 years' experience in business, 6 years' experience with consulting projects, experience of the strongest sellers and marketing specialists. We packed all this in 10 practical blocks which will allow you to achieve the objective.
For fixing – obligatory tasks
At the end of each occupation you receive homework for a week, obligatory for performance. Tasks is a work with your online business: statistics, sales, advertizing, employees, etc. You will already change and improve the business during a course. You will employ and dismiss. You will start advertizing and to look for clients. You will sell and increase the profit.
Limited group
You are engaged in limited group to 25 people. It allows us to pay to your business a maximum of attention and to check performance of homeworks. Besides, together with you in group there will be same successful businessmen, as well as you which wanted to open the online business. It will allow you to adopt successful experience from other market niches and to start useful acquaintances... Read more

Money Manager

- Provides maintaining the accounting of the movement of financial means and drawing up the reporting on results of financial activity according to standards of the financial account and the reporting, reliability of financial information, money manager controls correctness of drawing up and registration of reporting documentation, timeliness of its granting to external and internal users;
Prepares and processes formats of budgets of joint ventures in the formats which are standardly approved by the company;
Performs works on the analysis and control on a state and results of economic activity;
Money manager controls a correctness prepared given for drawing up balance and operational summary account on the income and expenses of means, on use of budgetary funds, profits;
Provides heads, creditors, investors, auditors and other users of accounting reports with comparable and reliable accounting information about activity of the organization, its property, obligations and economic operations, the income and expenses;
Approves the made reporting on economic and financial activity of the organization;
Is responsible for performance of work on formation, maintaining and storage of a database about economic operations and financial results of activity of the organization;
Money manager makes changes to the reference and standard information used at data processing;
Accurately follows politicians and procedures of the company;
Follows labor and production discipline and employment policies and procedures;
Carries out other business orders of the direct head... Read more

Invest Money

- Simple view of investment and investment.
Investment means that your money works for you. Such approach to money has to change in a root your representation how invest money is necessary.

Since the childhood we thought knew that, for this purpose to earn money it is necessary to go to work and to spend the physical and/or intellectual forces. Unfortunately, the majority of us only this way also earns. But if to think, it isn't difficult to understand that, for this purpose to earn more money, it is necessary to work more (or from the point of view of quality, or quantity). There is a problem where invest money: not all can "serve" to the president of the company to 30 or even to 40 years to have such work which will allow to be financially independent (in this case, we would grow up qualitatively). It is necessary to grow quantitatively, that is to spend more and more working hours for the purpose of earnings. But here too there is a problem since there is an accurate limit of human working capacity. Besides, why you will be need money if you work all the time? Here — when the person can't physically earn the necessary sum — invest money a good way out (one more confirmation to that laziness moves progress)... Read more