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Mixed potato in broth and began to clean onions. She lately strongly was tired of homework and besides seven months as was pregnant. She wiped the begun to water eyes a sleeve and threw small cut onions into a pan. Cela on a stool also did up hair. The third day as it left in a maternity leave went.

– Now there will be more time, – she thought. – Today Lenya has to get paid. I will buy diapers, baby's undershirts. Koyechka Serezhina still strong, the newborn won't feel need for anything, – so, having put the tired-out hands on a lap, mother dreamed.

To was only thirty six. But cares and hopeless poverty early made old her. Numerous wrinkles round eyes early concerned her face, once very beautiful. But she always cared of herself a little, having got used to pull since youth a household together with the mother who early died and who put on feet of four children. They grew up without father whom killed in a zone when Irina was eight years old. Since then as senior she looked after the younger.

Two of her brothers lived the families nearby, on the neighboring small streets, and too dragged miserable existence.

Younger sister who, despite everything, very much showed consideration for the appearance, managed to escape from a whirlpool. She managed to pick up the Moscow guy who studied at local medical institute. More than ten years Anna Anatolyevna lived in the capital. The father of the husband worked in the ministry, holding an important post, and to the only son didn't refuse anything. Having hungered and poverty of post-war years, I forgot both brothers and the sister at all, for so many years without having written a uniform line. But Irina didn't take offense at the ungrateful sister and even rejoiced that though someone from a family managed to be beaten out in people.

Looked round, thinking out where it is possible to hide. The only case, an old sofa and two ragged chairs didn't receive its attention. He darted a glance at the brilliant polished bedside table, on it there was an old black-and-white TV with the small screen. The kid ran up to a bedside table, opened shutters and got inside, considering that this most reliable place to hide.

Irina Anatolyevna prevented broth a spoon and lowered fire in a ring.

– Minutes through fifteen soup it will be ready, – she told.

At this time on a verandah loudly I slapped a door.

– There were days cheerful, I walked young! – the drunk voice of Leonid Nikolaevich, head of family was distributed. The door was opened also it, having become hollow in kitchen, fell by a stool. – Irishka, meet the husband! The supporter came back home after heavy day of work.

– Again I got drunk, as a pig, the tyrant! – the wife was upset, having rinsed hands in a wash basin and wiping them about an apron.

– Be silent, the woman, – the head of the family snapped. – Don't forget, who in the house the owner!

– Yes what you are an owner? – the wife turned away. – You drag the last of the house. We agreed that you won't drink any more.

– I couldn't refuse to children. Besides, my turn to treat, – Leonid hiccupped and got a belomorina from a pack. – Not to a bay, the wife, from tomorrow at all I won't take in a mouth.

– You got paid? – Irina Anatolyevna pricked up the ears.

– I received, – it is proud having thrown up the head, the husband answered. – Here, – it started taking out from pockets, the crumpled pieces of paper.

The wife straightened them and put accurately a pile, then counted.

that's it? – on eyes tears welled up. – Here and half it won't be gathered that you have to receive.

– I told that my turn to treat men approached, – Leonid waved away. – Next time I will bring more.


Can give birth you will order next time? – Irina Anatolyevna grabbed a wet rag from a table and several times hit with it the husband on a face. – How many years together live, at least once there was not your turn? – she threw a rag into place, hid the face in hands and sobbed violently. – Thought of the future child? What after that you are a father, the blood-sucker damned!

– Don't howl, without you the soul ached, – the owner shouted, letting out a smoke from a mouth.

– Don't smoke, here the small child runs, – Irina Anatolyevna stopped shedding tears, pulled out a stub at the husband and threw out in a garbage can.

– Ah you, the shrew, – jumped the drunk owner. – Forgot the place? But so I will remind, – he punched it in a stomach.

The wife cried not by the voice, was bent, and sat down on hunkers.

– That in ten minutes I set the table, I want to guzzle, – Leonid ordered and went to the house, having so shut the door with a bang that plaster fell down. He sat down on a sofa, having thrown a foot on a foot, got a new cigarette, lit and threw a burned match on a floor.

– U-u-u! – bedside table doors revealed, Seryozha jumped out from there and rushed to the father. – I didn't find, the folder, I didn't find! – the son chattered heatedly, already sitting on a lap at the father.

Leonid got up with the child on hands and threw it several times to a ceiling, shrouding the kid in a smoke.

– Still, still, – eyes lit up at Seryozha. – Father, still!

– Release the child or extinguish a cigarette, – the entered Irina Anatolyevna told, sighing and holding a stomach.

The husband scowled at it and let out a smoke in a face to the son.

– Let gets used, the man grows. The kid frowned and has a fit of coughing.

– Release, the father, release – pinches eyes, – he began to whimper.

– Became deaf or you have no heart? After all the native child asks, and it? – it rushed to the husband and began to pull out the son.

– Absolutely any respect, – the father released the child and put in the wife slap in the face, that flew away together with the son.

– Don't beat mother, don't beat, – in a voice Seryozha began to roar.

– And you there, degenerate? – Leonid threw a stub on a floor and crushed it a foot.

– Well why you svinyachit? At me and so hands fall off, – Irina Anatolyevna plaintively said, pressing to herself the son, ironing him on the head and calming.

– Shut up, without you it is exact, – Leonid roared.

– You have no conscience on a penny, the child is broken off, and … – it didn't manage to finish speaking.

The husband seized her by hair with one hand, and another backhand hit with the back of a palm on a face.

– You say to conscience no? – it imitated the wife, dragging her for hair about the room. – There are you conscientious? What you are silent, lost the tongue?

Irina dropped the child, that got under feet, breaking into tears. It covered with hands a stomach, without caring of the head on which and blows poured. And Seryozha, though frightened to death grasped the father's foot, trying to protect somehow mother and crawled together with it on all room. He who got used to similar scenes didn't roar any more, and only creaked teeth – everything stronger and stronger squeezing fingers on a trouser-leg at the father. From tension joints turned white, he loved the father, but he felt sorry also for mother. The kid puffed and thought that when will grow big and strong will never offend the weak.

– You again for old to beat mother? – in the house there was the eldest, fourteen-year-old son of Kazakov Alexey and came to the rescue of mother. – How many time needs to be spoken to you that didn't dismiss hands? – the son hit the unfortunate father in a jaw and that let out the wife.

Leonid rose and wiped the blood exuding from a rassechenny lip, a shirt sleeve.

– So, – he significantly said. – The mother's sonny, the henchman, raised a hand against the father?!

– And you don't touch mother, – the teenager snapped.

– Know I that I will live about such day, in a cradle would strangle the viper, – the head of the family told, but on рожон didn't get.

– Replace a plate, – Alexey answered, calming down. – I got drunk, so go have a rest, there is nothing here the rights to swing, – the eldest son already peacefully finished.

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