Where it is reasonable to invest money?
Today investment of means into real estate is the most demanded among residents of various countries, it is in many respects caused by availability of such investments and their invariable benefit.
Russians even more often as objects for the reasonable order choose as money foreign real estate, in particular, for many years the German offers tending to stable increase in prices and accepted at the cost against other European states are in great demand.

In the rules "the deposit to 700 thousand $" it is possible not to adhere.
People began to preserve and invest less
The people interested in investments of this plan have opportunity not independently to be engaged in search of objects, their assessment and the analysis, and to shift the solution of so important questions to the skilled professionals offering the services on the specialized sites.

On such platforms the real estate in Germany is presented in several categories, the main are inhabited and profitable objects. Both directions within this country perspective for investment. By means of experts any person can pick up the apartment, the house, shopping center, the profitable house, hotel, restaurant in the price range accepted for itself, with a convenient arrangement in the concrete city, with an optimum level of profitability.

Sooner or later everyone thinks not only how to keep the capital but also as to increase it. How to make investments with benefit, but without risk to lose them? What to choose strategy and on what to be guided at its choice? Now the market offers a huge number of ways of an Invest money: from the bank deposit before stock market game. The speech doesn't go about doubtful investments like financial pyramids - we will talk about the most reliable options, we will consider their advantages and shortcomings.

Investment of money in bank under percent

The bank deposit - the most popular way of investment which is that the bank pays to the investor a certain percent for placement of a contribution in bank. Appeal of deposits to the population consists in their availability and clearness – only the passport and money is required, and, deposits can be not only ruble, but also currency. Besides, the contribution can be opened even on the child and to insure - in case of a loss occurrence 100% of investments if the sum of deposits didn't exceed 100 thousand rubles and 90% of other sum if the sum of deposits was more than 100 thousand rubles will be paid to the investor.
The main lack of a bank deposit consists in low interest of profitability. Thus, the bank is more reliable, the interest rate which most often doesn't cover even inflation is lower. Moreover, the interest rate for the bank deposit is fixed at the time of signing of the contract of a contribution, and at the current instability in world economy inflation can't almost be predicted. The greatest percent is offered by banks on the deposits placed for long term with impossibility of removal even parts of a contribution that is one more minus of such type of investments.

Invest money in gold and other precious metals

Really, the value of gold, silver, palladium and platinum doesn't depend on time and it is possible to call an investment in precious metals reliable investment, however and it has minuses.
It is impossible to call purchase of investment coins, jewelry and measured ingots in the best way for short-term investment. Besides, all specified acquisitions are interfaced to additional expenses, or to low liquidity. So, the cost of the coins which are issued to memorials exceeds market price of metal. It is quite difficult to sell jewelry quickly, besides, their price includes work of the jeweler. Ingots need also to be made and paid from their cost of 18% of VAT.
Way of investments for "advanced" - the depersonalized metal accounts when the investor converts investments made by it in metal grams, i.e. not in a concrete ingot, and in conditional grams.
All investors agree in opinion that investment into precious metals is a reliable way to keep the large sum for a long time (more than 5 years). In short-term prospect of the price of precious metals are subject to strong fluctuations and the risk is high to lose the capital. As for the prices of purchase and sale, the difference between them doesn't cover not only inflation, but sometimes even the price of acquisition of such asset.

Invest money in real estate

With approach of world financial crisis the most part of options of investment of capital in real estate became economically unprofitable. Purchase of real estate abroad and purchase of the land plots gradually leave a rating of popular types of financial investments. Small investors also ceased to invest money in housing under construction because of the low level of profitability. One of favorable ways still remain investment of capital in commercial real estate, however such type of investment is long-term and risk of that with growth of quantity of commercial real estate new trade or the business center won't become popular, is very high.
Investment of money in securities

The situation in stock market constantly changes that is the reason of an overflowing of money from one owner to another. However in the long term the tendency of growth is shown rather strongly therefore competent investment can step over temporary falling and make good profit.
There is an opinion that creation of the portfolio - difficult science for the elite. In practice it is enough to possess sensible mind and small baggage of knowledge to make a right choice. Besides, many brokers offer ready portfolio investments.
Carry stocks, bonds, futures and options for actions to securities. At a choice of securities the investor should pay attention to the following:
liquidity - whether it will be easy to sell a security in the market;
cost - whether corresponds the course price to the real price, what dynamics was shown by paper in the market recently;
financial condition of the issuer – financial statements and prospect of growth.
The similar way of investment is considered highly profitable, however it is necessary to be aware of economic news and news of the companies issuers to avoid losses at emergence of risks of a paleniye of rates of securities.

Trust management

If you are insufficiently sure of yourself as in the successful investor, and you don't decide to risk the capital, you can entrust the savings in management to professional investors who will competently place them in currency or stock market.
One of forms of trust management – mutual investment funds (mutual funds) where the investor buys a share. The fund on which means shares and bonds of stock market are traded is formed of a set of shares, and profited, distributed between investors following the results of a year.
Similar investments in the market Forex call an investment in PAMM the account which is a certain alternative of trust management and allows to earn on Forex without direct participation of the investor. The investor's task only to elect the managing director in the corresponding rating and to make money.
The only minus of this type of an investment of money – imperfection of the legislation (Forex isn't regulated by the legislation) therefore choosing management company, pay attention to its experience and reputation.
Analog of PAMM-accounts are MOTHERS accounts (Multi Account Manager), in particular, provided Forex broker invest money of Admiral Markets Group. That investors need to understand about use of MOTHERS accounts:

In a control system of accounts of "MAM" trade is carried out on the account of MAM-Manager where all investments of participants of investment unite.
Only the financial result the trustee's Forex trade in proportion to deposits of investors is transferred to personal accounts of participants of investment.
The electronic security system doesn't give the chance to the managing director of MOTHERS accounts to remove money from deposits of investors, allowing to make transactions with them only.
Investors can diversify investments by means of placement of deposits on several MOTHERS accounts of one or many managing directors, choosing and combining these or those trade strategy.
Constantly updated and reliable rating constructed on real history of transactions helps to elect the managing director.
Trade in the currency and share markets

The currency and share markets are potentially highly profitable financial markets, on the first currencies, on the second – securities bargain. The currency market Forex (ForeignExchange) gained the development rather recently together with development of the Internet, however already now its turns leave far behind all known exchanges of the world.
Huge number of information on the Internet, the detailed description of ways of earnings on Forex, and also existence of the automated trade systems is attracted more and more investors. For many game in the financial markets it doesn't become simple work, but also favourite business. One more advantage of game in the currency market – lack of attachment to a certain mestu: of the investor is opportunity to trade at any time and in every spot on the globe.
However at possible huge profitability, the market Forex is the most risky. First, game in the currency market extremely isn't recommended to hazardous people as passion doesn't allow to control risks and to protect itself from heavy losses. Secondly, the investor can't trade in the market Forex personally: trade is carried out through the broker, and it is necessary to choose the broker very attentively, paying attention, first of all, to its assets, reputation, knowledge and experience.
There is a set of other ways of investment of means: in own business, in a certain project, payment of own education or education of children and many other things that is beyond this article. However, what way of an invest money you wouldn't choose – use the basic rule of competent investment: don't put all means in one basket.
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