Legendary poverty of educational institutions of average professional education consigns to the past. Today they one after another win serious grants. And the more richly the college or technical school, the more opportunities opens before his pupils. Let's look how to receive money for college and what professional directions get grant support in modern Russia and that from this follows.

Nurse business

The Balakovo medical college (Saratov region) in cooperation with the American partners prepared the project on creation of the Center of the advanced competences of oncological medical sisterly practice. This and another similar to it projects (the second project provides creation of the similar center in the Moscow region based on Ramensky medical college No. 2) received a grant in 500 000 dollars that in a domestic equivalent constitutes more than 17 million rubles.

Projects it is planned to realize in the next two years. In their framework the drug treatment performed by doctors will be followed by methodically reasonable work of nurses on improvement of quality of life of patients. In the Balakovo college the idea to recruit nurses in preventive and educational actions in the sphere of oncology thanks to what it was succeeded to reveal the conditions menacing to health, in time consistently moves ahead.

Operators of fuel stations

The Nizhnekamsk agro-industrial college (Republic of Tatarstan) won specialized tender – and became the owner of a grant in 2 million rubles. Grant support will be directed on training of operators of fuel and oil stations, and also truck operators – the matter is that these professions are considered the most demanded here. Will train in them within short-term programs from several weeks to 10 months. Programs are already approved by potential employers of graduates.

Money it is planned to spend, in particular, for re-equipment of workshops.

Musical performance

The Altai state musical college (Barnaul) spends governor's grants for involvement of talented children in ranks of the pupils and money for college to you practically won't be necessary. How it occurs? On the received means representatives of educational institution regularly arrange exit concerts and master classes at music schools of edge. Everything is logical: having estimated qualification of guests, young musicians understand that in this college (the first Susa arts, based on Altai) they really should trying to arrive.

Mechanical engineering

The resource center – a fashionable educational format for organization of secondary professional education today. Such center – in "Technology of mechanical engineering" – is created in Nevinnomyssk (Stavropol Krai) on a 35-million grant of tender of the Federal target development program of education won by the Nevinnomyssk agro-technological college. The educational institution of new type will give one more incentive to development of the region Stavropol Territory. Availability 3D - the equipment, work with different age groupes, retraining of professionals, training for teachers and, of course, close cooperation with the companies – all this undoubted pluses of the project.

And the Novosibirsk machine-building technical school "combined" equipment procurement on means of the grant received by it and opening of the first center of certification of personnel of a machine-building industry: the center opened just based on technical school.

Vegetable growers and machine operators

The Tatar polytechnical college (Novosibirsk region) became the owner of a grant of the local Ministry of Labour and employment. The prize size – 6 million 900 thousand – allowed college to equip laboratory and greenhouses for vegetable growers of the protected soil, to buy various educational transport for future machine operators, and also to replace computers and to update literature thus money for college are almost unnecessary pupils.

Personnel of the NPP

Nuclear power plants – case serious. Their servicing requires collective labor efforts. A number of technical schools and colleges region just also train professionals for the solution of these tasks on Kursk AES-2 – and, having cooperated, 23 million rubles within the corresponding federal grant deserved.

The specialties mastered remotely

Remote education not too costly for those who receives it. However those who will organize it, shall possess adequate technical resources at least. The grant can help with similar cases. So, in Novorossiysk college of construction and economy the department of distance training opened exactly thanks to grant means.


Recently studying technical schools and colleges of Khabarovsk acquired the right to participate in draw of a grant on opening of own business – "only" 100 thousand that is a little in comparison with above-mentioned grants – but also such prize is expected one person. It is about the tender "Youth Business Project", and to consideration ideas not only new services, but also new productions are accepted.

Industry of hospitality

Such is a profile of the Moscow college No. 23. In a year before last it became one of dozen of a capital rating of colleges. The educational institutions winning ratings of city level receive the mayor's grants. Check, whether so it in your city!


7 technical schools and colleges of the Urals received serious grants from the federal budget – for example, of Cherepanov 5 million $ are allocated to Nizhny Tagil mining and metallurgical college. This support was performed just because the chosen educational institutions train future metallurgists.

Workers of the railroads

Small grants can be issued directly to the best graduates. Quite so his certain pupils it was entrusted to them to develop projects for JSC RZhD noted last year the termination of the Penza railway technical school. And this year grants will be distributed between students of the same technical schools and colleges in Bryansk, Kaluga, the Eagle and Ryazan.

Speaking about grants, usually imply not about what it was told above at all. Grant can understand as similarity one-time enough large grants on scientific activities for persons which already have the higher education, but all aren't appeased in any way in the attempts to extend a university conduct of life. Therefore a habit "to live on grants" and is exposed to criticism: the pier, to the person winning these subsidies for researches is pleasant to be the eternal student.

The difference is obvious here: as you, probably, already managed to notice, grants for organizations of secondary professional education are issued more often to educational institutions, than certain pupils, and are expected especially practical purposes for receipt of money for college. Faultless approach!

On the other hand, the scientific grants hunter is more free and self-sufficient. It needs a grant – then he begins to think over worthy this grant idea of research, and the local market of work can be perfect in case of anything here. And chances of future skilled worker of vocational training in supercomfortable conditions (on a grant!), more depend on what specialty is most interesting to its region. And here will carry to the person who sincerely feels personnel requirements of the small homeland and it is really ready to master professions, the most demanded in local scale. The probability to become one of those who will be helped by grant support, is great for such people.

In the USA more than 3.5 thousand colleges and the universities offering to future students the training programs. It should be noted that between words "college" and "university" for Americans the big difference isn't present. Both of these concepts designate same - the educational institution giving opportunity to graduate. Both at university, and in college it is possible to receive degree of the bachelor, master and doctor. Distinction consists that the university is much more by the size, in it the bigger number of students studies and it can consist of several colleges. For example, the Harvard university consists of medical, engineering colleges, business school etc.

There are colleges with biennial (junior, or community college) and four-year training. In junior college the students living houses, as a rule, study, and the part of expenses on study in it assume local authorities. Therefore training in it costs not much enough for "local population". For the same who comes from other staff or the country there, study costs dearer. For receipt it is enough to hand over TOEFL. And Elena Mamonova who managed in a year of study in community college made successfully to pass into 4-year Rockford College of the State of Illinois. Often after the termination of junior college the student enters the third year of 4-year college and, having finished it, receives the bachelor's degree. To it set off all credits and estimates which he obtained in biennial college. It is possible to tell that study in such college is a peculiar preparation for more serious study in 4-year college or at university. Having ended it, the graduate gains the diploma about secondary vocational education (associate degree), and can work, for example, as the nurse (nurse), the tutor in kindergarten, the secretary etc.

Fourth option: to earn most. I expect neodoumeniye and indignations. But let's not hurry. Today there are cool opportunities to come to inexpensive college based on which then it is possible to graduate and. For example, my acquaintance and made: only $2400 pay. in a month, studies on a zaochka... Why isn't present? The question arises where to earn?
I will give an example of the sister. She is younger than me for 10 years and studies now in higher education institution. Training expensive. I recommended to it to go to the exchange of freelancers and to try to execute there some cheap orders: to pee texts, still something. Now it passed it and has a stable flow of orders at the exchange. Work and entirely on the Internet. Therefore it instead of sitting VKontakte, doing nothing — works and it is very quite good!
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