Money shall bring money. Otherwise they only depreciate every day, bringing the mass of chagrin. At the entity with the large equity special people — investment managers are engaged in the problem resolution.

Investment — these capital investments with calculation to gain income in the future.

The possession of money, always obliged to look for them application that money worked, made profit, but weren't unused. The history of investment can be dated the understanding moment that money under a mattress – it is unprofitable, and the decision to enclose these them in development of res nova (whether put into circulation as a loan or where it is simpler to purchase a gold bullion). It is obvious that than the bigger equity it is possible to place in the project – those can expect big profit. Small fees of private owners can give totally powerful investment resource which not only will provide profit to investors, but also realizes the essential growth of economy and comes to the rescue money manager.

When becomes more increasing than investors, it is difficult to achieve a consensus in management of a cash flow which requires the analysis of a situation in the market, an assessment of possible risks, and also development of single strategy. None of investors don't want to appear in a provision of Buratino who in hope to grow up a cash tree, simply earthed the coins, having lost, thus, them forever. When investors are engaged in management of finance and decision making it is ineffective: views of profitability of the project can disperse, as well as an assessment of the current situation. Optimum to charge it this case to the professional – the investment manager.

Money manager — who it?

In the sphere of investment management it is enough specializations. The specification of activities depends on investment is carried out to what segment of the market. And different requirements and job responsibilities can be behind each open vacancy. But irrespective of a kind of activity and area of appendix of efforts, general for all managers in the sphere of investments are tasks of providing profit of the company employer. For achievement of this purpose investments can be made in financial assets (securities: shares, bonds, etc.), non-financial assets (jewels, metals), tangible assets (real estate), non-material values (scientific developments).

Asset management, in what direction it wouldn't be performed, consists of two main stages. The first: analysis of the current situation, assessment of assets, forecasting of the expected income and possible risks. At the second stage there is actually an action concerning investment means or investees. So, if it is about so-called "portfolio management" (forming and portfolio management of securities) some specialists will be involved in work. The analyst who shall analyse the current and expected market situation, the portfolio manager, based on information provided by the analyst, making the decision on feasibility of these or those actions (purchase of new shares, sale of the available papers) and the trader who is directly performing transactions in the market. "Support group" — lawyers, specialists of a back office, accountants also takes part in process. The nomenclature of professions and specialization of the workers involved in investment management can be very various. So, if it is about investments in real estate field, the role of the investment manager is carried out by the professional realtor who will be able to give the most exact assessment to a situation in the real estate market and to predict feasibility of investment of capital in this or that object.

Knowledge — force
At first sight can seem that success of the investment manager — it only case of luck or a consequence of good intuition. How differently it is possible to explain that fact, what one manager manages to choose more successful projects, than in what the others invest money? Actually everything is much more difficult. Work of money manager — it not only and not so much intuition. The specialist intending to construct successful career in the sphere of investment shall own the big massif of knowledge (the theory of investment management, financial accounting, macro - and the microeconomics, the principles of the technical and fundamental analysis, mathematical modeling and statistics corresponding legislative and regulations and many other things). Theories on the basis of which method of calculation of risks and profitability of an investment of money, optimization of investment, an efficiency evaluation of investment projects are created are developed. Without this knowledge, calculations and the fixed analysis the investor will never be able to achieve positive results. Activities in this sphere — permanent job with a big array of information. The manager shall be able to bring together her, to analyse, plan strategy and to constitute the plan of the actions. Its task — to estimate efficiency of programs and investment projects, to make the adequate investment decision and to bring it to successful accomplishment.

Where it is possible to gain the knowledge necessary for work?
Education in the sphere of economy and finance can be received at the Kiev economic university (the former Institute of a national economy), National University of Taras Shevchenko (economics department), Kiyevo-Mogilyansky academy (faculty of economic sciences), Donetsk state academy of management (faculty of management in the non-productive sphere), Kharkov (economics department) and Odessa economic universities.

An education in the "management of finance" (financial management) got at the western business schools is appreciated much above the domestic.

However, if at you the highest mathematical, you can quite try investments: after the theory of the differential equations and other knowledge of mathematical faculty of a formula of calculation of profitability of investment will seem an utter nonsense. And gain special knowledge if carries and you will admit the trainee to investment company.

Step by step
Even having profile specialty and the diploma of prestigious educational institution, there are no guarantees that you will be employed with open arms and furthermore will entrust to make important decisions and to dispose of the large amounts.

Usually students start thinking of career creation on the third or fourth rates. Choose investment company or bank and try to settle probationers at least for the period of vacation. The main work of trainees of money manager — "bring — give — sort": filling of databases, the help to the specialist of the company in the current questions which aren't requiring qualification and responsibility. And payment on such line item (if at all it is supposed) — minimum. But there is an opportunity to purchase the most valuable — experience.

After practice (of course provided that you left about yourself good impression) it is possible to get a job in the same company to a position of younger (junior) of the manager. If two candidates, the probationer who well proved and the specialist from outside apply for this line item — most likely, preference will give the first, already in time to examine activities of this company or investment bank. Therefore training during vacation — case though not obligatory, but the extremely useful is also considerable the facilitating further employment.

In comparison with probationers, the junior manager — more serious and responsible line item. The area of work depends on to whom exactly the worker goes "younger": to the analyst, the portfolio manager or the trader.

Career "ceiling" in this industry practically doesn't exist. From a line item of the manager it is possible to promote to the area director's position, then is even higher — to become the managing director of investment company or investment bank. Depending on policy of a management, the successful director can invite to become the partner — the owner of a small share fraction of the company. Especially such approach is popular in the West. It is considered that the specialist is much more interested in success of the entity when its personal income directly depends on it.

Having accumulated experience and communications, having earned the start capital, it is possible to open the investment bank. However, sometimes the offer on cooperation from large foreign investment company is much more interesting.

Urgently it is required …
Requirements of employers to job seekers in this industry are very standard:

the higher education (economic or mathematical);
knowledge of the legislation in the field of investments, asset managements;
knowledge of the theory of investment, financial mathematics and financial analysis:
practical skills of work on the PC;
good knowledge of English.
The mandatory additional requirement — a work experience in the specific direction of investment. And also experience of the organization of these or those investment projects, carrying out transactions and cash management.

Job search in the sphere of investments isn't limited to studying of announcements of employment. Even if the company which interested you didn't publish the announcement of search of the employee — it doesn't mean that you can't try to settle to work. Many large organizations don't publish lists of vacancies on the sites, and simply suggest everyone to send the summaries. And here the probability of receipt of the interesting offer on cooperation will depend only on as far as you will manage to prove the desire to work in this company and to interest a management in cooperation with you.

Work of money manager is connected with constant development and self-education. In its field of vision — the company from different spheres and activities that helps to understand thoroughly as any business in principle is arranged. Fixed communication with new people, the solution of uncommon tasks does this work dynamic and very interesting. And passion and the drive from the successful transaction or an investment adds pleasures. Generally, it won't be boring at such work.
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