Hello, dear friends! In touch Alexander Berezhnov, entrepreneur and coauthor of the Hityorbobyor.Ru business magazine.

Quickly to earn a lot of money, it is necessary to have a fair idea how to make it.

In this article we will consider 7 checked methods available to the simple person. They are checked by me personally and confirmed in practice the efficiency.

You will need only to study them and to implement the gained knowledge in practice.

Here we won't consider employment or smart fraudulent schemes. It will be a question rather of the business ideas capable to make for you profit already tomorrow.

You learn from article:

By what methods personally I managed to earn more than $1 000 000?
What it is necessary to make to receive the first money already today?
What methods of fast earnings exist and how to you to start in them?
Here I will also give examples of real people with the high income, I will tell for what they earned the money and what results reached.

1. quick cash of $30 000 is how real. in 2 weeks

It is absolutely real, checked on an own experience! However, happens nothing just like that and it is necessary to work really well, somewhere as the head, somewhere hands and feet, but the result is worth it.

In this article it will be a question only of methods of rather fast earnings, legal and normal from the point of view of morals.

Give I directly I will give you reference points, on what directions (except for standard work) you should pay attention quickly to earn a lot of money:

sale of unnecessary things from the house;
earnings on mediation;
creation of the income by means of the Internet;
transformation of the hobby into business;
consultation (teaching);
rendering paid services.
Anyway I will tell about all these directions of earnings in article with examples and recommendations. During my experiments on earnings by above-mentioned methods I managed to get profit in the amount of more than in $1000 000! Especially I want to emphasize that I earned this money not at classical work, and being engaged in business activity.

With what methods I earned this money:

I opened business on the Internet. I created with the partner the profitable site on the Internet — Hityorbobyor.Ru
I rendered paid services. I created the sites and computer designs to order with the friend Vitaly (if you want to repeat our success, read my article "How to Earn on Creation of the Sites under the Order")
I was engaged in mediation. I sold goods and services through an electronic bulletin board of Avito and I found customers for familiar contractors on apartment renovation.

These methods quite were enough for me to earn decent money to measures of a provincial town of Stavropol in which I live.

Now I want to share here the practical experience that you could also earn at least $30 000 in two weeks. Yes, for someone it is small money, and to someone from you they will help to solve the most part of routine financial tasks.

And for those who wants to start earning already in the nearest future (3-7 days), there is one very interesting method. It consists in the following.

For certain you heard about the popular social network Twitter, so? Daily users of this social net exchange millions of messages, and its popularity grows every day.

And everywhere, where there are a lot of people, naturally, money and considerable is found.

Long ago it is known that for example with the embedded advertizing our stars of show business, sport and politicians earn solid reward for messages.

And it works so.

For example, the famous showman, the actor and the KVN player Mikhail Galustyan who is so loved by youth under the guise of regular text messages from the life can advertize "accidentally" any shop, the person or action.

Of course, will make it it absolutely not accidentally, and for the good fee in some thousands of dollars.

We in the majority couples not such untwisted as our star compatriots, but one thousand - another of rubles a day can quite be earned here.

It is known by the few and use the Twitter only for the sake of entertainment and don't know that is rather simple to make some CORRECT actions and to receive the first money. And even investments won't be necessary for you.

I won't go into details if it is interesting, I recommend to study in detail Vladimir Potapov's rate "Twitter.PRO — $1 000 for 140 symbols" in which it describes the author's technique of fast pumping out of money from this social net. Simply study and implement!
2. That it is necessary to know to earn a lot of money

For it must be done following:

To learn, what methods of earnings work and what aren't present. In article I will tell about working methods. If you have questions, can set them in comments to article.
To adopt experience of people who already earn money and to repeat that they do. It is always simpler to go the blazed road than to invent the bicycle. Especially as we say how to earn money in 2 weeks.
To start working without delay after receipt of PRACTICAL knowledge. After all your financial success depends only on you. If you not the idler also understand it, it is worth proving at least to itself that you are capable to earn money, but it isn't simple to complain of destiny.
That's all. We pass to practice!

3. How quickly to earn money — 7 real methods
The methods described below will suit people with absolutely average capabilities.

Some of them will be connected with the Internet, and some aren't present. Therefore, ownership of the computer at the level of the experienced user will give you big benefits.

Method 1. We sell unnecessary things (personal and others')

You sometime thought, what on the old things unnecessary you, it is possible to earn not bad?

If to carry out clear-out of your apartment (the house, office), and also garage and the cellar, there will be a mass of "stuff". On yours opinion these things can not have values, but they are very necessary to someone and on it it is possible to earn money quickly.

Old tires, the broken household appliances, unnecessary furniture, accessories which bothered you — it is thousands, and sometimes of $ tens of thousands!

Until such things depreciated at all, let's realize them and we will fill up the budget.

Someone will tell that it has not so many old things which can be sold. So occurs usually because you simply weren't engaged in audit of the property.

Personally I found houses of stuff more, quick cash than for $40 000.

Among them:

Professional suit of Father Frost which was made-to-order. Cost in a second-hand condition — $10 000
Clothes, including very good, almost new. Cost in a second-hand condition about 8 000 rubles.
Car tires with disks on VAZ. Cost in a second-hand condition about $5 000.
Unnecessary electronics and household appliances (laptop, camera, juice extractor, food processor). The cost of all together in a second-hand condition about $15 000.
Accessories, figurines, old furniture. The second-hand cost of these things is about $10 000.
How quickly to sell unnecessary things and to earn for these $30 000 in 2 weeks?

Earnings methods on old things
Method 1. We hand over old things in commission shop of the city

Practically in any city there are so-called "consignment shops" (commission magizina) where you can bring directly many things and sell them for quite short term.

Thus the shop will take from you percent that you earned money with its help. Usually the commission of shop constitutes 20%.

By the way, there are industry commission shops, for example computer or furniture, are engaged only in certain types of goods there. Respectively, here and will be able to estimate your things more objectively.

Method 2. We give free announcements in local newspapers

In each settlement there are free newspapers it seems "All For you" or "From hand to hand".

There it is possible to submit announcements in several ways: to call, come to office and to fill in the request, to place the announcement in the newspaper on the Internet.

Method 3. We do sticking-up with announcements on the area

It is one of the best methods to sell old furniture, the refrigerator, the washing machine, a grand piano, the bicycle and other rather large things.

As the person who saw the announcement and became interested in your offer, can come right there to you and look at this thing.

If you possess good presentation skills and you are pleasant in communication, most likely without effort you will be able to find the buyer and to sell the goods on beneficial price.

Method 4. The best method — we sell things through free Internet boards

I allocate this method as the best as it has practically all advantages previous, and thus has some more indisputable pluses:

The audience of the site already looks for your goods. Unlike newspapers where the reader sees all announcements in a row, the user of the site (an electronic bulletin board) specially comes there and passes into a certain category where you also place the announcement.
The developed positioning of your offer. If in newspapers often there is a restriction by quantity of symbols, and to add photos in general the problem, here all these opportunities are available to you fully.
Huge audience. Every day more and more people look for information on the Internet, and newspapers and magazines fade into the background, becoming obsolete. Publishing the announcement on the website, you repeatedly increase chances of sale of the goods.

Best of all Avito's (avito.ru) site will be suitable for sale of things. It is the most popular electronic board of free announcements in a Russian-speaking segment of the Internet.

I promised to give periodically examples from personal experience.

And so, by means of Avito's site I managed to earn 10 000 rubles in 1 week.

About it I even wrote detailed article. You will also be able to repeat my result and there can be this method will answer you a question how quickly to earn a lot of money.

Be registered on the site and constitute the good selling text of the of announcements. As it is correct to make it, I already told here.

Write short emotional history: as well this thing served you faithfully and why you decided it to sell, describe all benefits and benefits of the goods.

All this will allocate your offer against other and will help to find the buyer quickly.

Then, make a photo of your thing in case of good lighting. Photos shall be live, that is your but not factory (computer).

Now it was necessary to post online yours announcements.

By the way, if you are going to begin in such a way the case and professionally to earn by means of electronic bulletin boards, it is really good idea.

After all quite so it is possible to open the business without investments. I already described earlier detailed technology on opening of business without investments in this article.

Method 2 quick cash. We earn fast money on mediation

This method is logical continuation of the first. It will suit sociable and active people.

Look back around, how many different offers surround us. Practically all sell something!

Someone round the corner offers services of car service in the garage, someone wants to lease the apartment or the house, and someone was going to change the old car for the new.

So why not to offer all these people the services in finding of clients for percent?

After all each business, each seller or the entrepreneur needs clients. And if you help them with it, all these children willingly will share with you the profit.

By the way, if it is about services, in certain cases, people or the companies which present them, will be ready to give you a HALF from the income.

From the experience I know that it is very profitable to sell services of builders and finishing crews. Periodically I am engaged in it, the benefit is the checked people (contractors).

Same scheme:

You advertize (newspapers, the Internet, sticking-up).
You receive calls.
You will redirect the prospective client to the specialist.
When you are called according to the announcement, you learn as call the person, you find out his requirements and you say that now it will be called back by the master (specialist) and with it your client will continue work.

Remember, it is possible you have familiar entrepreneurs who sell something and agree with them about percent from sales if you find it the client.

You can agree and with third-party firms which heads you didn't know before. Become their non-staff sales manager, and already in couple of days you will earn the first money.

Method 3. We sell the things made the to hands — "Handmade"

It is known that the people at us creative and for some people production of hand-made articles, souvenirs, gifts the hands are a hobby on which it is possible to earn not bad.

You for certain saw announcements, it seems:

"Production of bouquets from candies and soft toys"
"Original gifts on the order" and others
This type of earnings enjoys special popularity at girls. It is possible that you are also fond of production a hand-meydov.

I have a companion, his name is Yura who is engaged in production to order of a design watch, bracelets and other demanded accessories.

One more my acquaintance Anna Belan is engaged in training in needlework of children and the hand-made article to order makes. I even interviewed it and uploaded it to the website.

So Ania turned the hobby into quite good business. About this girl our local Stavropol television even removed some plots.

Therefore, children if you have a thirst for creativity and desire to create something with own hand, safely start earning money in such a way.

You can also become an intermediary, selling hand-made articles of manual operation of familiar master handymen. These people can be found in the Internet, after all here at forums on "hendmeyda" the huge number of "handy" creators hangs out.

Suggest them to sell their hand-made articles for percent, it is sure that they won't refuse.

Then you can create groups on social networks or even own Online store of manual hand-made articles. How to open the Online store from scratch, you can learn in this article.

We pass to the overview of the following method on fast earnings of money.

Method 4. Sale of the knowledge (consultations)

If you professionally understand something and you can teach it others why don't you earn in such a way?

You can organize the paid rates, advise people in an individual order or to become the private tutor, as my friend Alexey who helped me to learn English.

Lyosha teaches not the first year foreign languages on Skype. With it I too wrote down interview on studying of English in one year and laid out it here, on "Beaver".

Perhaps and you own skills and knowledge which can be sold on the Internet.

You can learn all technology of this method of earnings on Maria Karimova's site.

This is the regular girl from Moscow which already earns in such a way more than $80 000 a month. By the way, here Masha's profile.

If necessary you can ask it personally the questions.

Having begun with small and having learned to earn the first money here, you can make for yourself a world wide web the main source of the high income.

Method 5. We borrow money (under the income or property)

If you very urgently need money, and you know that you will be able to give them soon, then they can be borrowed. And let it not a method of earnings, and it is rather a method of receipt of money, he all the same solves a problem of their absence.

The credit — is one of opportunities quickly to receive money. But how to make it?

For this purpose there are some methods:

Method 1 quick cash. To take a consumer loan

Usually such credit without problems is issued to people with fixed place of employment of 6 months. Percent on the credit hesitate from 15% to 30% in different banks.

Here your income from a salary will act as the guarantor of payments for the credit. By the way, if you have some passive income, it will be also considered by bank and will positively influence the decision on issue of the credit to you.

That it for an income type and how to become his happy owner, you learn, having read my article "How to Create a Passive Income — 7 Reliable Methods".

Method 2. To use quick loans

It is the same credit, only it is issued much quicker and often according to one document — the passport and the income from place of employment doesn't need to confirm.

Unlike banks, quick loans issue the so-called companies of microfinancing.

However, this method of receipt of money has the shortcoming — very high percent which usually makes tens and even hundreds of percent a year.

Such credits are just expected citizens who just about will get paid or something will sell.
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